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Date: February 15th, 2012 02:12 pm (UTC)
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Basically this entry says anything I could've wanted to say about fandom. I always say I have a love/hate relationship with this many-headed beast, and this entry describes pretty much perfectly why that is.

I have no problems with people wanting to have fun, or doing things in good, harmless fun. But when the 'good, harmless' bit disappears to the wayside and the 'fun' starts to effect other people, at times negatively, then fandom can turn toxic quickly. When someone can't find the fun or the enjoyment in a given fandom because of other people, that's when a step back is needed.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm too oversensitive about fandom, particularly the slashy side — particularly how I perceive others' perception of me in the slashy side — of things. You've heard my diatribes more than once (and I appreciate you so, so much for enduring them, because I know that you're not into slash or RPF pretty much at all), and I think maybe a lot of my feelings stems from a subconscious spring that consists of the concept behind this post. It's because of feelings like these that I really only toe the lines in most fandoms now — the way you do with footy or movies. I'm happy to enjoy things from the sidelines, and I'm glad that you and I have things that we can share, even peripherally, and that we also have bonded outside of all known fandoms, because you're certainly one of the best friends I've had, and losing you over a fandom dispute or difference (or indifference . . . or losing you at ALL) would pretty much suck.
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